Individualized Predictions, Time-varying Effects and Time-varying Covariates

Extensions of joint models for improving subject-specific predictions.

Multivariate Joint Models

Computational methods for multivariate joint models.

Personalized Active Surveilance and Screening

Novel methods for optimally planning when to collect longitudinal measurements or event information.


The current composition of my research group:

  • Sara Baart: Sara is a post-Doc student working on extending joint models in studies with special types of designs, and in particular in case-cohort designs.

  • Nicole Erler: Nicole is a post-Doc PhD student working on methods for analyzing longitudinal outcomes with missing baseline and time-varying covariates. She currently also writes an R package for implementing a full Bayesian anlysis in such settings under the sequential approach. More info on her GitHub page.
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  • Katya Mauff: Katya is a PhD student working on novel computational approaches for multivariate joint models with multiple longitudinal outcomes.

  • Floor van Oudenhoven: Floor is a PhD student working in novel applications and methodology of joint models in clinical trials. Her motivation comes from Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Grigorios Papageorgiou: Greg is a PhD student working on adapting joint models to incorporate time-varying interventions during follow-up and assess their performance.

  • Hongchao Qi: Hongchao is a PhD student working on extensions of power priors methodology in lonigitudinal clinical trials.

  • Anirudh Tomer: Anirudh is a PhD student working in developing new methods for personalized screening and active surveilance. He works closely with the PRIAS project.

  • Meng Yuan: Meng is a PhD student working in developing methodology and software for Bayesian multivariate mixed effects models.


The major R packages I have developed and currently maintain


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I have written the first book on Joint Models for Longitudinal and Survival Data



A full list of my publications and grants can be found in my CV.